Whenever we have a shooting tragedy–unfortunately too, TOO many times, the JackAsses come out and suggest that nothing would have happened if everyone were armed. And, now, they are recommending AR-15S. This makes me long for Barney Fife (Don Knotts) of Mayberry, N.C. (Home of the fictional Andy Griffith Show).

Barney was a lovable, but bumbling, Deputy Sheriff. Accordingly, he was only allowed to have one bullet. Is that the type of defenders that we want in our schools?

Having a weapon, and a little bit of training, is certainly not the solution. Back in the late 60s, when I was in the Army, I was trained (“qualified”? HA), with a number of weapons. BUT, the World is lucky that I was assigned to Military Intelligence, rather than the Infantry. And, some 45 years later, whatever “capabilities” that I did have, ARE SURELY GONE. Admittedly, I did not follow-up with my “CE” (Continuing Education), which all professionals are familiar with.

Also, remember that, oftentimes in such tragic situations, we are not dealing with sane people. And, what about innocent bystanders who might be shot or killed, as well? Arming and training Civilians is definitely not the solution. Even many well-qualified professionals are sometimes incapable of operating in a stressful situation. FACT!!!

Lastly, do we really want Miss Smith or Mr. Montez to be cross-trained in Elementary Education AND Small Arms? Personally, I am quite pleased that our Children’s Elementary School Teachers were proficient in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Where would Teachers and Administrators get their training? Remember, on a target range, there are no assailants. And, when you go hunting, the deer and ducks are generally unarmed–and will not be firing back. Also, innocent bystanders–especially little children–won’t be on the target range or in the forest.

Let’s re-define “Assault” Weapon to include Semi-Automatic Weapons, outlaw Magazines that hold more than ten bullets (let’s say) and require Background checks for ALL purchases (Gun Shows, On-Line and Retail Stores).  Check-out the picture from The Daily Kos.

Please share your feelings with your Representatives, in Washington.



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