Andy was, what can I say, “Andy”. Born in 1919, he joined the US Army and wrote for the “Stars and Stripes”, from Europe. He went on bombing runs over Germany and was one of the first journalists to enter the Nazi Concentration Camps, after the War.

Andy had two “tours” with CBS, over the years, with the longest being his “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney” segment, on Sixty Minutes. Primarily, Andy was a Lovable Curmudgeon. I am a firm believer that people need to point-out what is wrong. If so, Andy was your man!

Back in the Day, before I joined Willard “Mitt” Romney’s 47%, I was always willing to point-out things that didn’t make sense–at work, or not. But, I backed it up with business articles that described the value of people who can identify processes and procedures that don’t make sense–and may need to be changed. Those who believe that everything is great, on the other hand, are merely kidding themselves. They’re just not looking deep enough.

One of my favorite Segments had Andy sitting in his office, with files, books and mementos strewn all over, complaining about itchy sweaters. Meanwhile, he was wearing his cardigan. He just wanted to improve things. Typical Andy!


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