WE CERTAINLY DO; because, right now, we have very little, if any, Gun Control Enforcement. Oddly enough, however, the National Rifle Association, which has fought against even the enforcement of existing Gun Control Laws, has pretty much shut down since the recent Tragedy in Newtown. Perhaps, Wayne LaPiere, its “Leader”, has cut out early for the Holidays.

Recently, we have seen many on the “Right”–to include Mike Huckabee–suggesting that, if Teachers and Administrators were armed, things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand. SHEAR NONSENSE! Do we really need shoot-outs in the Hallway at Recess? Of course, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is always referenced as justification for Unfettered Access to Guns.

Perhaps, those folks didn’t read the entire Amendment. It states: A well regulated Militia, BEING NECESSARY to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Now, the Times have definitely changed.

The US did not have a Standing Army in the 1700s; so, as a result, men were called upon, in the “Several Colonies”, to mass in order to fight an Enemy. In those days, every man, and most boys of a certain age, had Guns to put meat on the Family Dinner Table. So, all Men had Guns and knew how to use them.

To me, three points come up in Recent Tragedies:  Mandatory Background Checks; Assault Rifles and High Capacity (TOO LARGE!) Magazines for the Guns.

Roughly forty percent of Guns are purchased at Gun Shows, which enables Sellers to by-pass Background Checks; a 72 hour Waiting (Cooling Off?) Period or even Registration. By the way, Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, was selling Guns at Gun Shows. If our Cars and Trucks can be registered, why not our Guns?

Using an Assault Rifle for “Hunting and Target Practice”, two of the NRA’s favorite terms for Gun Ownership, is utterly ridiculous. The vibrations from rapid fire, and its recoil, would direct the shells all over the vicinity of the so-called Target. Besides, how much lead do you like in your Deer or Pheasant?

Lastly, do you need a Magazine, for your Gun or Rifle, that enables 90 shots? That’s what the Assailant had at Newtown. What could he possibly have had in mind? Surely, Background Checks wouldn’t catch all Unstable Gun Owners; BUT, if it catches just ONE, I’ll settle for it!  Hopefully more–many more.

Losing a Child at any age is certainly a traumatic thing; but, to lose one at five, six or seven years of age must be truly unbearable. I believe that President Barack Obama summed it up beautifully in his tearful Press Conference, last Friday, when he mentioned the Young Children’s lives being taken before they had more Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Weddings and, perhaps, Raising a Family of their own. All Killings are terrible; but, it’s simply impossible to comprehend last Friday’s Tragic Killings.



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