There are many biases, on both sides, as to where the National Budget can be trimmed. But, last year, Republicans continued to hold true to the nonsensical Tax Pledge, which they signed with Grover Norquist, not to raise any taxes whatsoever. So, Congress agreed to pass across-the-board spending cuts if a deal cannot be worked-out. Thus, the Country is now racing toward the so-called Fiscal Cliff by December 31.

Since then, however, the “Right” has been trying to find ways to keep the Defense Budget in tact and, perhaps, even add an additional Trillion Dollars, or two, to it.  DoD didn’t even ask for more funding. Many in Congress claim that we need a Strong Defense–and Budget Cuts would jeopardize that. But, that’s not necessarily so; because, it contains considerable waste.

I believe that there are several ridiculous points regarding the Defense Budget that can be approaching a “Smoke and Mirrors” Strategy. During the early stages of the George W. Bush Administration, he led the Country into two unnecessary Wars. And President Bush never added those to the Defense Appropriations Process.

Now, I can understand, in an emergency situation, that a War might need to be funded in a Special Appropriations–IN THE FIRST YEAR. But, as long as the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have drawn on, they should have been added to the normal Appropriations Process. Segmentation of what this Country is spending on Defense, at least to me, just makes it much more difficult to actually have an idea as to what is being spent.

Besides the use of not including on-going Wars in the normal Defense Budget Appropriations, that Budget Component should also be adjusted for when we engage in Conflict, and when it is winding-down. As the U.S. transported Troops and Equipment to the Middle East, and engaged in the Occupation of two Countries, the budget was inflated for that.

Now, since many of our Troops, and Equipment, have been withdrawn from those two War Zones–with more to follow shortly–common sense would dictate reducing the Defense and any existing Special Appropriations. Congress has been fighting it.

The Defense Industry Lobby contributes considerable funds to Congressional Campaign Coffers and also spreads the production of complex Defense “Toys” among numerous Congressional Districts and States. Both the Lobbyists Money and the Jobs Back Home solidify Congressional Loyalty. Here again, the location of the manufacture of various components, at least in the vicinity of each other, would make for good business sense. But, that takes away from what the Politicians really want–Money and Jobs Back Home.


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  1. #1 by maxcat07 on December 9, 2012 - 8:23 PM

    One good idea is to stop making the weapons that the Pentagon even says are unnecessary. I remember a joke during the campaign, when Romney was calling for more submarines. Ben Affleck was on Bill Maher and said that Romney still thought we were fighting the battle of Midway.

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