Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we flew to the Atlantic City, NJ, area to visit my Brother and his Family. Also, our Daughter and her Husband drove over (the 60 miles) from Philadelphia. It was a great time, lots of food, jokes, board games and just catching up.

When we returned to South Florida, our Daughter came to Florida the next weekend, since my Wife was having a Baby Shower for her. It seemed to be a great event, part friends of my Wife and friends of our Daughter. The Chemistry between the two–Joan and Marissa–was quite obvious, both over the Holidays in New Jersey and in Florida.

Getting to the Floppy Hat, the attached article, describes the legacy left to a young lady, Bridget Hughes, who lost her Mother, Lynn, to Breast Cancer when Bridget was just seven years old. The Floppy Hat that her Mom wore as she was going through chemotherapy, became one of Bridget’s prized possessions.

When I think of the loss of Bridget’s Mother at such an early age–for both of them–I can only think of the extremely important bond between Mother and Daughter. My Daughter and I shared many great moments and, I am sure that my Wife and Son did, as well.

However, Basic Biology, as a Young Lady passes from Pre-Teen to Teenager, starts dating, perhaps approachers Marriage and, in our case, has us all looking forward to our Daughter and her Husband approaching Parenthood (on or about Feb. 1). Hopefully, Bridget had a Older Sister. Aunt, Grandmother or someone to fill the void. I just wish that Bridget and Lynn could have Connected the Link themselves.

In the article, a somewhat grown-up Bridget realizes that she lost Lynn’s Hat, goes back to the Airport to search for it and calls on a Worldwide group of helpers, searching, offering prayers to Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha, etc. I BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL FIND IT A GREAT FEEL-GOOD STORY.




  1. #1 by Marissa Huber on December 7, 2012 - 2:25 PM

    This was a great post, Cheeks. I hope that she finds her hat, but I love that Bridget sees the entire experience as something her mom would have liked even better than the hat.

    I’m a lucky daughter to have grown up with such good parents – (which makes me know you’ll delete this comment!!!) Many good memories and moments with mom, dad and my loving brother.

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