Following the last Presidential Election, many have thought that Mitt Romney had clung too closely to the Conservative views that he may have had to embrace in order to be nominated by his Party. Global Warming, Creationism, The Pledge Not to Raise Any Taxes Whatsoever, De-Funding Big Bird and Planned Parenthood, etc. Even some Tea Party Favorites, such as Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, said that the Party needed to move to the Center and become more flexible on issues.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I have read a number of Op-Eds that suggested that the Republican Party needs to move further to the “Right”, embrace Evangelical ideas and focus on them and the Republican Party. (Perhaps, I might suggest “what is left of the Republican Party”.) Another article, however, reported that Houses of Worship, of literally every Faith and Denomination are developing programs to attract new members due to falling attendance. And, some are closing or combining services.

Common Sense tends to say that alienating Women, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, Families with Pre-School Age Children (who benefit from watching PBS) and Independents greatly reduces the size of your Potential Voting Base.

Well, if you doubt that the Republicans have not changed, just check the column, by Paul Krugman in today’s NYTimes.  Professor Krugman includes comments by another Tea Party Favorite, Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida, who doesn’t want to say when he believe the Earth was created, among other things.  After you read this column, be sure to check your Voter Registration Card.


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