One week after the Presidential Election, the two primary factions of the Republican Party–the “Right” Wing and the “”Ultra Right”–are pointing fingers at each other. The “Right” says that the Ultras and Evangelicals have moved the Party too far to the “Right”. And, the Ultras are claiming that the “Right” lost the Election by not staying true to the Party’s Conservative Philosophy. Remember that this is the Party in which Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater would reportedly not be able to be nominated today.

The Republican Party is set to hold brain-storming sessions to determine what happened. Brainless? The horse is already out of the barn, and two counties over.

Now, remember that this Party doesn’t seem to believe in science–Evolution, the Earth is six billion years old, Global Warming and Basic Reproduction. How is the Party going to grow by counting on Old White Men, while shunning: Gays and Lesbians, Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, Women, The Young and just about anyone else with a Brain?

The Birth Rate among Hispanics/Latinos represents roughly 25% of the National Live Births–and growing. Jeb Bush, Florida’s Former Governor and Brother of George W, has said repeatedly that, in the very near future, Texas will become a Blue State. Will Florida be far behind? And, I don’t think that the Republican Party’s problems can be solved in one Presidentia Term. Just think about the Four Largest being firmly in the Blue Column.

Now, focusing on “The Prize”. The Supreme Court currently has four Republicans, four Democrats and Anthony Kennedy, who appears to be “Right”-Leaning, but is often considered to be the Swing Vote. Four of them, however, have ages ranging from 76 to 79. So, it is assumed that, in the next Presidential Term, perhaps two might retire or have to resign for various reasons.

Personally, I believe that (Former) President Bill Clinton campaigned so hard for President Barack Obama to grease the wheels in case Hillary Clinton wants to run in 2016. Better to replace a Two-Pewrm President than a One-Term Incumbant Who in the Republican Party could defeat her? I doubt that any Democrat would wish to contest her nomination. Just think what that could mean for the Court’s Composition? Twelve more years!


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