You might be aware that 26 States took action to stop Voter Fraud. Oddly enough, every one of those states has a Republican Governor and a Republican-Controlled Legislature. HMM… Past Voter Fraud in my Home State of Florida has run around 0.00003%. And, why would Pennsylvania and Virginia need to take additional Voting Precautions, while the adjacent states of Delaware and Maryland don’t. Oh, that’s right, PA. and VA. have Republican Governors. Real confidence in the Election, huh?

At one time, I thought of writing a Blog Post entitled: “Pray for me, I live in a Battleground State”. If you have been sick of Ridiculous TV ads, RoboCalls and Multiple Copies of the same Flyers in the Mail, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In Florida, Ohio, Virginia, etc., we probably had much, MUCH more to put up with. We still don’t answer our phone. I’m sure that all of the Battleground States are happy that it’s over.

The apparent rationale (if that term can be used for Republicans), was to discourage voting by Minorities–who just tend to vote Democratic. Moms with little children might not want to stand in line for hours and HOURS. You must also consider the various “Dirty Tricks” that they used to add to the Obstruction. Chances are that you have seen the long lines that didn’t end until early the next morning. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!

I already posted about my trouble in getting a New Driver’s License, “My Trip to DMV”, An updated Driver’s License was one of the key points that the new laws required. Poor, elderly, Women with Children can find difficulty in getting licenses, especially if they do not drive or have transportation–and forget about multiple trips to comply. Even when the respective State Courts or the US Courts block these requirements, many States were reluctant to let the word out.

Some State DMV’s answering machines reminded callers of the (NOT-REQUIRED) Photo ID Requirement, others had billboards on the Highway showing the ID, others had signs warning people of severe legal fines and jail time. Now, that can scare away people who might be concerned about deportation–if not them, for Family Members. But, they were not required!

Florida even tried to block the vote by having eleven unnecessary Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot, to bring out the Evangelical Vote. Our Ballot was ten pages of Legal Size stationery. Their rationale (again, I use that term very lightly) was to delay the voting process and create even longer lines. But, it seems that all of these tactics merely increased the resolve of people to Cast their Vote.

Hispanic/Latino (chose one) Churches borrowed a page from Black/African-American Churches (yes, again) by shifting the normal “Souls to the Polls” Effort. Traditionally, this has been a tradition in the Black Community to either March en-Mass or get bussed to the Polls–on the Sunday before the Election. So, when many States cancelled Early Voting on the Sunday before the Election, Churches just moved it up one week.

That Resolve to be heard, by the people who persevered, waiting in line for six, seven or eight hours to vote, showed how important it was for many people to exercise their Constitutional Right. Anybody can have problems standing for that period of time. Add to that, the heat and humidity of Florida or the Cold, Wind and Rain of Ohio. What about the Elderly, People with Medical Problems, again Women with Young Children. (I saw some there.)

Now, I believe that most Voters persevered in order to be heard. But, I wonder how many people took, at least, some joy in defeating the Many Billionaires and Wall Streeters who were backing Mitt Romney–Financially. Some INDIVIDUALS had reportedly contributed $100 Million and, with the anticipated tax advantages, they would have recouped their “investment” many times over. POWER TO THE REAL PEOPLE!



  1. #1 by maxcat07 on November 8, 2012 - 3:23 AM

    Joe, this might be one of the best commentaries I’ve read on this election. In his acceptance speech last night, President Obama mentioned the long lines, saying something like “this has to
    change”. I hope so. That was not democracy.
    However, today is! Four more years. Fired up, ready to go!!

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