Every time that you receive(d) a Paycheck, you will notice deductions for FICA (Social Security) and Medicare. Those Government Programs should not be considered as “Entitlements”: you earned them–and have been paying into them throughout your working life. Likewise, Veterans’ Disability Payments were earned in the service to our Country.

Republicans have been trying to eliminate Medicare, as well as Social Security and Medicaid, for decades. Their response to the illness or injury of uninsured persons is to just go to the Emergency Room. That’s their answer to Universal Health Care! But, it fails to consider regular check-ups and preventative medicine. Long-run Costs?

The linked Op-Ed, from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Romney’s healthcare are plan wrong for many Americans”, by Margie Forres, addresses several related Health Care Issues, from the viewpoint of a Registered Nurse, working at a Palm Beach County Hospital. The link is: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/fl-mfcol-oped1029-20121029,0,6615620.story.

There is only one comment that I would make, regarding the column That is with regard to Medicare Voucher Payments, which would be an option for those people currently under 55. The Annual Adjustment would not be “fixed”. Rather, they are adjusted, to change by 0.50% above changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)–potentially UP or DOWN. As many people are aware, however, Medical Costs tend to increase at a greater rate than the CPI.

Let’s consider the person who retires, has limited savings and a small pension (if any). They would be very dependent on Social Security and Medicare. And, let’s assume that the shortfall–between the Adjusted Payments and the Actual Medical Costs–is a mere one percent. Now, that doesn’t sound like much; but, think of that gap compounded over ten, twenty or thirty years? In the long-run, Seniors could be really hurting financially. In essence, their choice might be cat food or medicine.


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