During the Primary Election Campaign, you might have noticed that Mitt Romney continues to push for Big Energy–primarily Oil, Gas and Coal. Only lip service is paid to Renewable Sources. Energy Companies do mention their Concern for the Environment in their ads; however, Renewables are literally a Non-Event on the Financial Statements.

To place proper perspective on the emphasis in Traditional Big Energy, on the part of Mitt Romney, the linked article, from Rolling Stone Magazine, Mitt Romney’s Dirty Dozen, by Tim Dickinson, http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/mitt-romneys-dirty-dozen-20121022, lists his Top Energy Advisors.Several of his very largest Contributors, Chearles and David Koch, are included.  It brings back memories of Dick Cheney’s secret meeting with Energy Executive, in thre White House, during the Bush Administration, where they reportedly provided a draft of the new Energy Plan.

Perhaps the biggest Energy-Oriented Political Football is the Keystone XL Pipeline, which supposedly would solve our dependence on Foreign Oil. The linked Fact Sheet, from the Carnegie Council, “Exporting Energy Security: Keystone XL Exposed” makes some cogent points, which Pipeline Advocates fail to mention, http://www.policyinnovations.org/ideas/policy_library/data/01614.

First, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, a Republican, sent a letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton, asking that the Pipeline not be laid across the very important and sensitive Oglala Aquifer; some Canadian Provinces also don’t want it laid across  their Land, as well.  The Job Impact would not be anywhere as great as noted, and only during the Construction Phase. And, lastly, the Oil would not be of use to America, since it is not Light Sweet Crude–the type that can be refined for use in American Cars.  So, it would be for Import Only.


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  1. #1 by maxcat07 on October 26, 2012 - 3:04 AM

    Environmental scientists are saying that a spill of that type of shale could put so much CO2 into the atmosphere that we couldn’t recover, not even mentioning the catastrophie on the ground.

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