I had two prior Posts on this subject: AND ttp:// The Republicans, as usual, say one thing and, then, do another. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the Poster Boys for such erratic behavior.

You might recall that, at the Second Debate, last week, Romney avoided answering the question of whether he backs the Lily Ledbetter “Fair Pay Act”, the first legislation that President Barack Obama signed into Law, in 2009. Instead, he shifted to the nonsensical “Binders of Women” comment, which I addressed in a recent Post,

Then we had the Republican attack on Contraception, even forming an alliance with the Catholic Bishops–claiming Religious Freedom. What about the Women (Catholic or Otherwise) who might wish to have access to Contraception. The first Post, linked above, in this Post covered the basic Contraception Issue.

When the Contraception Issue first arose, perhaps three months ago, Archbishop Thomas Wenski, of Miami, appeared on a local Miami political talk show. He commented that the issue is really not that big a deal since 98% of the people who work at Catholic Hospitals and Universities are Catholic. Really? So why is so much being made of the whole issue.

An overwhelming majority of Catholics favor the availability of Contraception. Catholic or not, shouldn’t it be the Women’s Right to Choose, whether to use Contraception or not? Certainly, not a bunch of Old Men in Rectories around the Nation. But, now this topic can get dangerous.

We have seen two knuckle-dragging Republican Senatorial Candidates speak-out recently, quite harshly, on the Abortion Issue. Last month, Todd Akin (R-MO) said that Women’s bodies had the ability to shut-down to avoid Pregnancy in the event of a “Legitimate Rape”. HUH! Then, just this week, in a Senate Debate, Richard Mourdock (R-IN) proclaimed that Rape Prergancies are a “Gift from God”.  So, here’s where Mitt and Paul come back into the picture. Remember that Congressman Paul Ryan co-sponsored 38 Anti-Abortion Laws in Congress, along with Akin.

Initially, just about every Republican denounced Todd Akin’s views about Lewgitimate Rape; however, once he refused to quit the Race, most have re-entered the picture to endorse him. They realize that they will need every single vote to take control of the Senate.

Mitt Romney taped an endorsement for Mourdock this past Saturday. Now, Mitt did state that he doesn’t agree with Moudock’s Abortion views (but not in the Ad); however, he didn’t order the endorsement pulled from TV. So, Mitt, are you FOR him or AGAINST him? Or, is this just Classic Mitt Romney, Mr. Etch-A-Sketch?  (Kudos to Rick Santorum (R-PA/VA.))

During the three Presidential Debates, Romney has proclaimed views that are a complete About-Face from prior statements, such as: being against all forms of Abortion; against Contraception and Intent on Overturning ObamaCare, and De-funding Planned Parenthood. Romney had also recently stated that he did not intend to Overturn Roe v. Wade. But, his recent statements are totally counter to what he has been saying throughout the Election Process–and are clearly in the Republican Party Platform.

It can be argued as to how long this About-Face will last. I wonder if it is just comparable to his refusal to provide Tax Returns or explain where he will get the funds to pay for his Income Tax Cuts, the Elimination of the Estate Tax, and being honest about Medicare, Health Care and Social Security. And, why couldn’t he tell Debate Moderators what his Plan-B would be if the Tax Loopholes didn’t cover the Tax Cuts.

Lastly, next month’s Presidential Election is much more important than most.  With four Supremen Court Justices being 76 year ol, or older, the Pfesident would be in a postion to change the Ideological Mix and, if Romney were to win, Overturn Roe v. Wade.  It’s a lot more important than Taxes.



  1. #1 by maxcat07 on October 26, 2012 - 2:05 AM

    It’s just like Grover Norquist said: all they want is someone with enough digits to sign bills that Congress sends over. Romney’s their man.

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