As everyone knows, Willard “Mitt” Romney led a privileged childhood. After boarding school, and attending BYU, he graduated from Harvard–Business and Law. Then, he was a co-founder of Bain Capital, a Private Equity Firm in Boston, where he amassed a fortune reported to be some $250 Million, while serving as the Chief Executive Officer. Life can be good, huh, Mitt? Especially when you’re the Boss.

Back in June, I asked if we really need a CEO President, https://thetruthoncommonsense.com/?s=ceo. The key point is that the CEO answers to no one, except the Board of Directors. And, as long as the company makes money, there are generally few questions asked. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney learned that he no longer made the rules–and enforced them. Just look at the fact that Mass. is solidly in the Obama Camp, as is Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. Perhaps residents in those states know something that we don’t.

But, now, we’re seeing the “Old Mitt”, with his actions shrouded in secrecy. He is a Control Freak and apparently doesn’t like to be questioned. Unlike prior Candidates for President–including his own Father–he chooses not to provide a range of Back Tax-Returns. He also refuses to describe how he would finance $5 Trillion in Tax Deductions and the elimination of the Estate Tax. At the same time, we wants to add $2 Trillion to the Defense Budget, which DoD didn’t ask for. Likewise, he continues to misrepresent his Medicare and Health Care Plans.

Romney grew up having his own way and believes that he can bully people around. Just look at how he has treated the three Debate Moderators. When asked to explain where the money would come from to pay for his Tax Cuts, he bristled that anyone would question his Math. His response was: “Of course it will add up”. Mitt, you might have been a CEO; but, now, you are running for elective office!


  1. #1 by maxcat07 on October 24, 2012 - 4:10 AM

    At least Bob Schieffer didn’t let him run away with the debate!

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