By now, unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the beautiful, young Malala Yousafzai, the Fourteen Year-Old Girl who has shot in the head by a Taliban Coward, as she waited for a bus home from school. She had originally stood-up to the Taliban, when she was eleven, by verbally insisting that girls be allowed to go to school. Further daring the Taliban, she started a Blog that was posted on the BBC.

The linked article, by Mary Sanchez, of the Kansas City Star, An unlikely hero stands up to the Taliban, is: Although it discusses one Young Lady, she represents some 41 Million Girls in many countries who are denied a Primary Education. It is too, TOO bad that many countries, which are economically struggling, refuse to engage half of their population.

Now, we in the so-called “West” regard the countries who refuse the available tools and resources, as being backward and shortsighted. Unfortunately, we create school systems where the poorer Districts don’t have access to the resources that wealthier districts do. Some States, such as Texas, have ISDs (Independent School Districts) that are specifically separated so that the Taxpayers in the smaller, Wealthier Districts pay more in Property Taxes to support their local ISD. Meanwhile, the larger, poorer districts are especially behind.

Think about it: Pre-School Programs; lower Teacher-Student Ratios; more Computers and Lab Equipment; etc. in the Wealthier ISDs. Meanwhile, poorer Districts have to decide between No-Cost Meals for the poor and Books.

So, we can look at Countries like Pakistan as being Backward; but, in some cases, we have to look in the mirror. Chances are that your young children had books at home–saw Mom and Dad reading, had books read to them and were taken to Story Book Hour, at the local Library. What about the Young Kids whose parents work two or three jobs to support them? Those kids start behind the eight-ball.


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