Previous Blog Posts have recounted Romney/Ryan lies such as claiming that President Barack Obama was stealing $716 Billion from Medicare to fund ObamaCare. The Obama Administration had negotiated reduced payments, of that amount, to Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies to eliminate the Medicare “Donut Hole” and extend the life of Medicare by eight years. Its a WIN-WIN for Medicare Beneficiaries.

Then, during the Debate last Wednesday, Romney said that His Plan would not permit “pre-existing conditions” for turning down Health Insurance applicants. The very next day, his Campaign Team said that that that would not be so. That provision would only apply to applicants who are already insured, which is current Federal Law.

Now, tonight, I saw a TV Ad, perhaps financed by a Super-PAC, which was intended to debunk The Obama Team’s assertion that the Romney Tax “Plan” would not entail running-up $5 Trillion in Tax Reductions. The Ad referred to a linked article,, which it cited as a Non-Partisan source.

The On-Line Magazine is part of the very Conservative American Enterprise Institute. The article, like everything that I have heard or read about Romney/Ryan “Plans” on ANYTHING, is totally lacking in details. It does, however, list where Mitt’s deductions would come from, a twenty percent across-the-board Tax Reduction, Elimination of the Estate Tax, etc. The truly Non-Partisan Tax Policy Center computes those cuts as equating to $5 Trillion, as President Obama suggested during the Debate. Also, there are not enough loopholes, the elimination of which would balance those tax cuts.

The American Enterprise Institute includes (former) VP Richard Cheney, on its Board of Trustees, and among the long list of Economic Advisors was Milton Friedman, the Father of Conservative Economic thought, as well as otherr Conservative Economists. As always, after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision, it truly would be great to know who some of the Unnamed Contributors to AEI are.


  1. #1 by maxcat07 on October 8, 2012 - 1:51 AM

    Everyone wondered why Obama did so poorly at the debate. I think he was absolutely dumbstruck at the amount of lies, and knew if he tried to refute all of them, he’d look like an absolute bully. I think he’ll do much better in a town hall debate, where he gets to talk to people….Romney will hate it.

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