You might have noticed that this is Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most newspapers and TV Stations have certainly provided reminders. People are wearing pink shirts, ties and ribbons. Even some of the NFL teams wore pink shoes today.

Breast cancer can effect the Women in your Life–Wife, Daughter, Mother, Girlfriend, etc. And, know what, some men contract it, as well. Encourage Women to speak with their Primary Physician about getting a Mammogram. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital. If they have family members who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Women should be extra vigilant, since it can be hereditary.

Many women, once they get beyond the “Why Me?” phase, tend to seek treatment and join support groups. Some women learn to get on with their lives, as best as they can. An Editor with The Miami Herald, Andrea Torres, has been writing a regular column to chronicle her Breast Cancer, Treatment and, hopefully, remission.

But, there is one thing that Women cannot do for themselves. That’s were you come in, guys. Remind them of your love and interest in their well-being. Let them know that they are still the same person that you have always loved and respected. Don’t be aloof. If they are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, they will need you now, more than ever.



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