Lately, I have been seeing a Political TV Advertisement, featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu, as he talks about Iran, and some sense of urgency to take aggressive action. It’s title is “America, Waiting until When?” The ad is produced by a Pro-Israeli 501(c)4, a non-profit PAC by the name of “Secure America Now”, which doesn’t have to disclose its donors.

The TV Ad, is reportedly being run in select Florida markets, which have high Jewish Populations (namely Miami, Boca Raton and Ft. Myers). It ends with the Prime Minister asking rhetorically, ““I say, ‘Wait for what?’” and “The world needs American strength, not American apologies.” The link  for viewing the TV Ad is: http://www.secureamericanow.org/projects/165-secure-america-now-launches-new-florida-ad-campaign.

It’s public knowledge that Bibi and Mitt Romney have a close personal relationship, going back to their days working together for a financial services firm, in Boston, in the early 70’s. Aside from that, however, I found it unbelievable to see the Prime Minister appearing in a highly-political ad, in the US. That doesn’t go over well with many Israelis since, whoever wins the US Presidency, Israel will have to work with them.

Whether to attack Iran SOON, rather than give Diplomacy and Sanctions more time to work, goes back to the question of a Two-State Solution in Palestine. Both Israelis and American Jews overwhelmingly favor the Two-State Solution–rather than attacking Iran, at this time. The vast majority of Jeews, both countries, believes that more time should be taken. I have linked an Op-Ed, from EurAsia Review, by Richard Silverstein, Netanyahu Shilling For Romney In Florida TV Ad, http://www.eurasiareview.com/20092012-netanyahu-shilling-for-romney-in-florida-tv-ad-oped/


  1. #1 by maxcat07 on September 27, 2012 - 7:00 PM

    Ronald Reagan, I believe, was the one who coined the phrase that “politics ends at the water’s edge”. I would be equally incensed if some other Prime Minister did a political ad for Barack Obama. There is no place in American politics for the opinions of foreign leaders, whether they are our friends or our enemies. This is really bottom of the barrel politics.

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