There has been considerable concern about China’s emergence as a World Power–both Economic and Military. I definitely believe that China is, indeed, a potential force to be reckoned with. Many historians say that a country needs both to take-on a World Leadership Role. But, China is not there just yet.

It has built a strong Export-Economy, which means that China is dependent on other countries buying their goods. And, for the most part, at least so far, their exports are at the low-end of the industrial goods spectrum. That means that its cheap wage scale prevails. China’s domestic consumption–a good indication of a viable economy–is only about 35%. Brazil’s, another large developing economy, is somewhere in the 60s.

When you look at the BRICs–Brazil, Russia, India and China–it is truly a mixed-bag. These four countries were identified, sometime back, as the four developing economies to watch. They have the very largest land mass, are the most populous and have a vast supply of natural resources, but in varying degrees. China is considered to be the most-developed, at least so far; India has many political transaction barriers to deal with, Brazil is overly dependent on natural resources and Russia’s economy is roughly 70% Energy and, in my opinion, the country is reverting back to The Soviet Way.

But, let’s focus back on the title of this Post and the leader in the economic development process. China has some One Million Men and Women in its Military–certainly the largest in the World. There was an article in today’s NY Times, however, that may be worth looking at:  China Shows Off Carrier, but Experts Are Skeptical, by Jane Perlez,

So, they had the Chinese President and Prime Minister, and many other political heavy-weights, present as its first Aircraft Carrier was added to the Fleet. There are several points, however, to keep in mind: it is an old ship that was purchased from the Ukraine and refurbished by the Chinese; there are no Chinese planes capable of operating from a Carrier and its Mission will be purely for Training. So, as yet, The Tiger has no Naval Fangs. It does, however, seem to be flashing a picture of what it will look like, once it does get its fangs.


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