In my August 15 Post (Search US Postal Service), I suggested that we should be able to reduce daily mail delivery, from six days a week to two or three. I had even challenged readers to keep track of their mail–regarding REAL mail, versus JUNK mail. Taking my own challenge, my mail was just as worthless as I had expected. Even my Brother, who runs a small business, didn’t complain about my recommendation.

Well, today I read in the newspaper that the US Postal Service was going to deliver more junk mail in order to generate additional revenue. The basics of a business’s financial picture can be determined by the following formula: Revenue, minus Expenses equals Profit–or Loss. So, an alternative to generating more revenue is to reduce expenses. That could be accomplished by reducing the daily deliveries.

Now, I recognize that a prior US Congress might have saddled the USPS with excessive pre-funding of Pensions from prior generations. That is something that Today’s Congress must address with the Postal Service. But, that shouldn’t be the job of Citizens.

The real question is: what is the actual role of the US Postal Service? If it is to deliver Junk Mail, I believe that most Citizens would opt-out. It certainly is not the role of Citizens of the US to subsidize junk mail delivery. Also, what is the Postage Rate for Junk Mail? If it is less than First Class–what we pay to send a letter–THAT IS WRONG! Let Junk Mailers pay their fair share!


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