Surely, just about everyone with a pulse has heard the tapes of Mitt Romney Dissing Many Americans. He was even quoted recently as suggesting that Middle Class Americans earn between $200,000 and $250,000. I sure do think that that would be news to many hard-working people that I know. Does Mitt have a clue what–or where the Real World is?

Now, for many years, we have heard the Republicans complaining about “The Liberal Media”. Maybe they just don’t watch Fox “News”; but, then, that’s the only place that they want to be interviewed. Softballs, as usual, I assume.

David Brooks is a Conservative Columnist for The New York Times. Today’s column, Thurston Howell Romney, is linked as follows: As Mr. Brooks suggests, many who do not pay taxes are: Returning GIs from Iraq and Afghanistan;, who are Wounded or Mutilated; People with Disabilities; the Unemployed through no fault of their own and Senior Citizens who have retired, living mostly on Social Security. Many of them, by the way, generally vote Republican.

Going to the Far Right Side of the Political Spectrum, we have a Post, by Michael Warren, in The Weekly Standard Blog, Keep in mind that The Weekly Standard, Edited by William R. Kristol, is perhaps one The Most Conservative Media Source there is.

Likewise, Editor Kristol’s article, A Note on Romney’s Arrogant and Stupid Remarks,, seems to point out how out-of-touch Mitt Romney is.  Bill Kristol sure knows Mitt Romney, IF anyone does.

Once again, think of the following questions that I have: Mitt Romney doesn’t want to disclose most of his recent Tax Returns or why he has so much of his Considerable Wealth invested in Overseas Tax Havens; when is the Romney/Ryan Ticket going to stop lying about Medicare and Social Security; when is Romney Ryan going to actually provide Details on the Programs they will Cut in order to provide Tax Cuts. Then consider his faux pas in London, Palestine and Poland; Non-sensical comments regarding the recent Attacks, Deaths and Protests in North Africa; and, now, his out-of-touch comments, regarding 47% of Americans, that have recently gone viral?

With all of that in mind, would you Trust Mitt Romney with his finger on The Nuclear Button, or to Negotiate with the Chinese or Russians? I sure wouldn’t!



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