I had never meant to write stories, either specifically or that focus, about South Florida. But, it seems that folks down here are sure going all out to Advance to “The Finals”–when it comes to Craziness. When you consider our: Cities’ Dyslexic Finance Officers; locals as well as tourists parking on I-95 to consult their roadmaps; Building Stadiums for Baseball Teams with No Fan Following (“Build-It, and They Will Come” sure doesn’t work); firing a Lifeguard for helping rescue a swimmer and let’s not forget the Evangelical Quran-Burning Pastor, up the road in Gainesville.) I could go on.

But, this week, Wal-Mart seems to have strived for the “Top of the Pack”. On September 11, a local Elementary School took it’s Youth Chorus, ages 7 to 10, to a local store to sing (pre-approved) God Bless America. They were turned away and, so they decided to sing outside the store–UNDER AN AMERICAN FLAG FLYING AT HALF-STAFF. After singing that ONE song, and as the Children and their Parents were returning to their cars, Police showed-up. Apparently someone had called-in a report that a “Flash Mob” had assembled. I wonder who that was? Can you imagine that?

Now, if you think that I made this up, just to give Mitt Romney a break today, you can read the story from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (part of The Tribune Group), by Juan Ortega,”Wal-Mart Boots Kids Singing “God Bless America”, as follows:,0,7711269,print.story.

If you notice a difference between what I say the Title was, and the linked article, all that I can say is that it was a “breaking article”. The Headline, on both the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald web sites are much more accommodative to Wal-Mart. But, I have never seen the title change before. Might it be the Wal-Mart Advertising Muscle–not just locally, but Nationwide? I surely don’t know. But, perhaps!



  1. #1 by Irene Budoff on September 14, 2012 - 12:47 AM

    Ya gotta get them when they’re young…..!

  2. #2 by cheekos on September 17, 2012 - 1:07 PM

    Over the Weekend, the local Newspapers provided an update on the School Youth Chorus that Wal-Mart refused to let sing “God Bless America” in one of its stores. A local businessman, who loves the song, invited the Children to since in his Citrus Grove Store, pick fruit and just feel Welcome. I applaud his Interest and am most happy anytime that Wal-Mart gets its Come- Uppance.

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