A week, or so, ago, we heard the uproar about the Democrats not including the word “god” or the necessity for Israel to have IT’S Capital in Jerusalem, in their Party’s Platform. But, how much Political Nonsense do we need–other than, perhaps, to further divide this Country? Also, nobody (either Party) has ever followed their Party’s Platform–either in Running for Office or Governing.

As I have Posted before, the word “god” is not mentioned in the US Constitution even once. Remember that the “Right” seems to point to the Constitution as the source of all that is right. So, if we are not a religious country, why can’t everyone just keep their idea of god–whoever she or he is–in their own hearts and minds? Treasure it always!

And, the idea of where Israel should locate IT’S Capital is, likewise, none of our business. Why do the Israelis need our permission to place their Capital wherever THEY want? Isn’t it their Country, not ours? Just let’s not get wrapped-up in the Political Rhetoric.

Looking beyond the nonsense, right now, it looks like the “Right”, both in the US and Israel”, seem to be playing one country off the other. We are not the cause of any problems they might have, and they certainly do not contribute to any of ours.

I believe that most Americans are aware of the Political Obstruction in the US; so, let’s focus on Israel. The Ultra-Religious “Right” seems to control the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the rest of the Israeli Government. They are the saber-rattlers; however, their Young Men shouldn’t be asked to serve in the Military, because they need to study “The Scriptures”. But, they are certainly happy to send the Country–and other people’s kids–to War with Iran. Sound familiar?

The Average Israeli, Moderates, don’t want War with Iran–or Anyone. But, as we have seen in the Past, when attacked, the Israeli Army has always kicked-ass. At the same time, the Rational Israelis know that IF they are, in fact, attacked, the US will be there ready to support them–with Manpower, Air Support and Materiel.

Netanyahu has been quoted as saying that the US should be drawing a “Red Line”, over which Iran should not cross. And, Mitt Romney and the Republicans are egging the Israelis on. Now, in prior years, Political Parties deferred to the President to Wage War and Make Foreign Affairs Decisions. Wouldn’t you think that the President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and their Advisors, would have a bit more Information on which to make such decisions?

Mitt Romney, the former CEO, should certainly know that you cannot have two bosses–to consult with Advisors, Make Decisions and to Accept the Responsibility for the Outcome. That’s kind of like when President Barack Obama decided, against the recommendations of most of his Advisors, including Vice President Joe Biden, TO ORDER A “GO” TO TAKE-OUT OSAMA BIN LADEN. He looked in the eye of the Admiral, who heads the Navy Seals, and went with HIS advice.

So, Mitt and “Bibi” (Netanyahu), I think that “Barry” (Obama), Hillary and Leon should be left to follow THEIR OWN BEST JUDGEMENT to do THEIR JOBS. Everyone surely knows that IF the President followed Romney’s advice (which would b e based only on Ideology), and it didn’t work, the Republicans would claim that it was the President’s fault.


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