DOMA was passed into Law in 1996; however, it is currently still sitting in Limbo. When President Obama announced, last year, that his Administration wouldn’t enforce it, it was de-fanged. Several Staes had passed Legislation enabling Same-Sex Marriage. And, recently, a Federal Judge overturned it. Several States had previously challenged DOMA and, no doubt, several others will appeal it to the US Supreme Court to enforce it.

Now, keep in mind that DOMA cannot be judged on Religious Grounds; because, they hold no bearing neither in our Laws–nor the US Constitution. Obviously, supporters can try to rationalize it; but, there should be actual facts on which to base their argument.

Here are several points that I would throw-out, questioning the very need for such Legislation:

1.  What protection do I need to have to “Defend” my Marriage to my Wife of 41 Years? Are the Russians coming? Space Aliens?
2.  What impact on our Marriage would there be if Two Women or Two Men, who love each other and are committed to a Long-Term Relationship, were legally able to Marry? They should truly have all of the Rights that every other Couple would have: Emergency Room Visitation; Federal Estate and Investment Planning Laws; Joint Tax Returns; etc.

3.  Wouldn’t it be Defending Marriage by Expanding It–TO ALL?

P.S.  I have asked these questions before and have never received a response.


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