MY TRIP TO DMV (in 2010)

In Florida, your Driver’s License expires every ten years, on your Birthday. Well, in July of 2010, my wife renewed hers On-Line; however, new procedures went into effect when my Birthday came around, in November of that year. So, I checked the Division of Motor Vehicles web site and learned that besides my old License and my Checkbook, I needed to bring my Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, a W-2 and a Utility Bill. I WONDER WHAT YOU DO IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS.

I took a day off from work and drove to DMV that Friday. When I entered, I noticed that the office was packed; but, got in line to show my documents, and received a form with a Number. After awhile, I noticed that more, and more, people were entering DMV; but, very few were leaving with a License.

Luckily, I brought a good book. After a couple of hours, a soft-spoken lady made an announcement without a microphone–and it was inaudible. So, I went back to my book. At the three hour point, I went to the front of the room and learned that there was a malfunction, the computer would come up for awhile and they didn’t know how long that would last. So, I returned to my seat–and my book. I figured that, if I left, I would just have to come back again.

Af the four hour mark, feeling hungry, I went to the front and spoke with the lady, who I believe was the Manager of the Office. Since my Birthday was coming up, on the following Wednesday, I asked he if I could get a short-term extension. NO! And, when I asked if I could go to another office, she said that the problem was State-wide. Having worked at large corporations for decades, that sounded “Fishy”.

I left, called the office and took another day off, and came back the following day, only to find that there was just more of the same. This time, after waiting approximately three hours, I approached that same lady and she gave me a “Front of the Line” pass for the next day. I wondered how the DMV could be so inept.

After taking a third day off, I finally got to renew my license–in spite of the continued on-going computer problems. Now, given the on-going Voter Obstruction taking place only in Republican States, including Florida, I started to wonder if I was in Front of the current Block-the-Vote Movement. I believe that Florida had had eight instances, in the last Election, of ineligible voting, out of several million voters.

That experience at a local Florida DMV Office brings up several questions: what would I do if I couldn’t take three unexpected days off; had a car; what about hourly wage-earners who wouldn’t be paid for those days; how many elderly people who do not drive could arrange a ride on successive days; how about disabled people; Moms with little children; etc? Also, what about people who were born in distant states who don’t have copies of Birth Certificates or those born many years ago, in rural areas, where there are not any Birth Records. Just think of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

If you are not aware, this whole Voter Obstruction Effort primarily effects, Minorities, the Elderly and Woman. For instance, in Florida, people who have changed their name need to update their documents three months before the Election. Again, that effects Women. The common denominator is that these are all segments of our Society who tend to vote Democratic. Hmmm…

LASTLY, THIS WHOLE SITUATION REALLY SMELLS SINCE IT IS ONLY “NECESSARY” IN REPUBLICAN STATES. Early voting and Registration Efforts have been obstructed, as well.



  1. #1 by Irene Budoff on September 4, 2012 - 2:01 AM

    If you can’t win on issues (and they can’t), then try to limit the voting pool. It’s the democratic
    way! Can you believe this assault on the Constitution?

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