As you might be aware, Congress–in an inability to actually make a real decision–agreed to enact across-the-board cuts in the Federal Budget.  This would include the Defense Department, as well as every other department, on a pro-rate basis.  Now, however, Republicans have been pushing to eliminate Defense from those Cute.  Of Course, that would be to the detriment of every other Department in the Government.

Now, why is this?  Basically, Defense and Aerospace Corporations are among the top lobbyists selling their companies’ products to Congress. YES, IT IS SELLING!  You might recall that, every Sunday morning, in the early stages of the Bush Administration’s  Occupation of Iraq, there was regular TV Coverage and generally there was an Army or Marine Core General or Colonel, explaining the situation in detail.  Of course, once people actually started to die–as always happens in War–the “Up Close” coverage was discontinued.

Do you remember Retired General Barry McCaffrey, who was a mainstay on these weekly shows, and seemed to speak like he knew what he was talking about?  Well, Gen. McCaffrey was part of the Defense Department’s Propaganda Machine.  He has run his own Consulting Firm, BR McCaffrey Associates, LLC.  since 2001, has been on the Board for a number of Defense Contractors, and represents others.  But, were you aware of his involvement in thje Money-Making Side of Warfare?  And, might that overshadow his enthusiasm for the War–any War?  I AM SURE THAT IT DID!  Remember, he benefitted personally as more funding was committed to his clients.

I have written on this Blog before that only Corporations profit from War.  Young men, and now Women too, shed blood, suffer grievous injuries and can lose their lives.  Meanwhile, “hired guns”, like General McCaffrey, become the cheerleaders for their companies’ products.  The saying is:  “Young Men Die and Old Men Profit (from War)”.

So, it doesn’t take much to realize that the recent push, from the “Right”, to eliminate the DoD from the Budget Cuts, is to continue to work on behalf of the Lobbyists–and the Companies they Represent.  Are your Representatives representing you–or someone else?  Perhaps you need a new Congressman or Senator


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