As I watched the Republican Convention, in Tampa, each night this past week, I was amazed to hear the stretched truths, mis-spokes and outright lies from just about every speaker on the Agenda. And, no doubt we will hear some of that at the Democratic Convention, in Charlotte next week, as well.

But, over the past year, I have continually heard Willard “Mitt” Romney suggest that, as President, he would never apologize for America. Now, I don’t recall President Barack Obama doing so; but, I guess, over time, the idea plays well to the Republican Base. Perhaps, President Obama might have actually apologized after: GIs urinated on enemy bodies; the burning of the Koran; or Civilians were killed by either Air or Drone Strikes. BUT, wouldn’t that be the humanitarian thing to do? Perhaps not in “Mitt’s World”.

At the Convention, I was also quite surprised to here our Cuban-American Senator, from Florida, Marco Rubio, speak a few lines en Espanol. Now, I wasn’t surprised that he  could speak Spanish; but, that someone thought that it was important for him to actually do so. I can’t believe that anyone in the Arena did not speak English. Is that really going to change the minds of Foreigners–Latin American, Caribbean, and Others–forget the Harsh Immigration Laws and expecting Self-Deportations that the “Right” stresses? And, the DREAM Act being panned?

Going back to the Apology Theme, how about the Thank You Theme. Perhaps, in Mitt Romney’s World, people don’t think to express their appreciation for what others might have done for them. That is why the linked article, from Rolling Stone Magazine, subject as above, by Tim Dickinson,, is quite interesting, at least to me.

Bain Capital, the Private Equity Firm, was spun-off from Bain and Company, the Parent and Consulting Firm. Then, it looks like the Principals of both Companies, according to the article, colluded to do a “Private Equity Deal” on the Parent. Namely, according to the article, they leveraged the Parent with too much debt, took every bit of Cash that they could out and left the Parent having trouble making its Payroll. Sound familiar?

Mitt, when your Firm walked away from its responsibilities to the creditors, you left it to the FDIC  (and Taxpayers) to Bail-Out the Banks. Couldn’t you have, at least, said Thank You?


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