Why is it that, when I go to a restaurant, looking for just a cheeseburger for a quick lunch, I seem to only have several options, with portions that seem to be intended for The Last Supper? The burger, by itself, seems to be the size of a small pizza. And, they have to put a ton of fries on the plate, as well. Of course, the extra salt that invariably is already on the fries is intended to promote a thirst.

They never seem to have a smaller option. And, when I tell the server that I don’t want any fries, they always seem to say that I can just leave them–since I’m not paying for them. This makes me believe that the Tooth Fairy must be subsidizing my lunch! Why force additional things that I don’t want…and don’t need?

There have been a number of articles recently, citing that people in the U.S. waste 40% to 50% of their food (depending on the article). One, from today’s The Washington Post, by Brad Plumer, How the U.S. manages to waste $165 billion in food each year, is as follows: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/wp/2012/08/22/how-food-actually-gets-wasted-in-the-united-states/. Now, perhaps our eyes are sometimes bigger than our stomaches; but, is it really our fault? Also, as the article points out, the waste is also created at various stages throughout the Farm-to-Table Pipeline.

I can remember quite a number of years ago, when you could actually get a “Half Sandwich, with a Cup of Soup”. To me, that’s more than enough to fuel your body for the rest of the afternoon. But, I haven’t seen such portions for ages. Obviously, there are many, many other reasons for food going to waste; but, within the Restaurant Industry, I believe that the Profit Motive plays a Prominent Role.


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