Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to have a dilemma on their hands. Ryan’s “A Roadmap for America’s Future”, which included a Health Care Plan, wasn’t liked when it was first proposed and that certainly hasn’t improved–especially among Seniors. Now, we haven’t seen any specifics from Mitt Romney–just the notes on his Whiteboard–so, we only have Ryan’s Plan to consider. But, Medicare sure seems to be a Hot Topic in the so-called Swing States.

At the same time, I certainly would like to hear the “Loaves and the Fishes” Parable, from either Romney or Ryan. That one would explain how President Barack Obama could possibly eliminate the “Donut Hole” in Medicare, and enhance the Prescription Drug Coverage if, at the same time, Obama was robbing that beloved program of $716 Billion. Tell me please.

That reduction in payments was agreed to by Health Care Providers and Pharmaceutical Companies in return for the Mandatory Participation of everyone in Obama’s Affordable (Health) Care Act (ACA). It would take that Mandate to get everything to balance out. The Mandate was borrowed from RomneyCare.

Insurance is based on “The Law of Big Numbers’ (Probability); because, the costs are reduced as the Pool of Participants is increased. The Mandate also makes it possible to eradicate: applicants being refused coverage; rejection of certain illnesses due to pre-existing conditions and being dropped from the Plan when a Participant gets sick.

Younger people may complain about getting insurance when they assumedly do not need it. So: what if they develop (or already have) an illness or disease: pregnancy, which can be considered pre-existing under certain conditions; or develop the effects of an injury or from prior military service not covered by the VA?

There are problems with the Romney/Ryan Voucher System: reducing the Pool of Participants can increase the Costs for all, not just those under 55; competition in the Public Sector, over the decades, hasn’t brought the costs down; lack of cost limitations (see below); and Annual Inflation Adjustments would be set at Inflation plus 0.50%–but, not based on the actual rise in Health Care Costs.

In 2011, the CEO of United HealthCare received $102 Million in Compensation. The Voucher System doesn’t appear to place any constraints on Advertising, Marketing and Overhead–like the 20% that the Obama Plan does–in the Premiums paid to Health Insurance Providers. Who do you think pays for such excesses?

NOTE: The Ryan “A Roadmap for America’s Future” Plan, is linked as follows,



  1. #1 by Irene Budoff on August 22, 2012 - 3:52 PM

    How does their plan do it, you ask? Lying!!

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