Although the GOP has claimed that there is NOT a War on Women, any difference would only be, as Sen.-Candidate Todd Akin (R-MO) said, “a mistake in wording”. As I write this, one Republican after another seems to be Throwing Him Under the proverbial Bus. This Neanderthal Congressman (sorry Alley Oop!) claims that a Woman’s Biological Tools almost always prevent Pregnancy following “Legitimate” Rape, whatever that means. Meanwhile, Akin’s views are said to be included in one of the Planks in the Republican Party Platform–just like in the last two Election Cycles.

Republicans, pretty much across-the-board, voted against the Equal Pay (or “Lilly Ledbetter”) Act. Over the past couple of decades, more Women have graduated from College, with Bachelors and Advanced Degrees, then Men–including Business, Law and Medical Schools. This should also apply for jobs where a college degree is not normally required, as well.  If Women Pay Their Dues and do the job, why shouldn’t they receive Equal Pay?

President Barack Obama’s Affordable (Health) Care Act requires that Employee-Sponsored Plans make Contraceptives available to Women at No Cost. Of course the Opposition, to the ACA, has tried to change this to a Religious Rights Issue. Well, what about the Right of a Woman to Make her own Choice regarding this issue.

Then, the “Right” wants to De-Fund Planned Parenthood. Well, Mitt Romney has already back-peddled on his “De-Fund” Promise to saying that the Federal Government would no longer fund Abortions; but then, (more Mitt-Speak) he would permit it for Forceable Rape.Hmmm…would that be like permitting it for Legitimate Rape?

Most people do not actually understand the medical services that Planned Parent provides; rather, the focus against it is the roughly three percent of its activities that involve Abortion–and. that’s without Federal Funding.  In many rural areas, Planned Parenthood might be the only option for Medical Treatment for Women–to include Breast Screening, Pre-Natal Services, Family Planning, On-Going Check-Ups, etc. Young doctors generally just cannot afford to practice in rural areas, where their patients might come mostly from poor families–and still pay-off their College Loans.


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  1. #1 by Irene Budoff on August 21, 2012 - 10:57 PM

    Let the Neanderthals have fun…more votes for the Dems.

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