Over the years, I have known many (then) current and retired Postal Worker–everyone a good, hard-working person. Now, Congress may very well have saddled the USPS with a Pension Pre-Funding Burden that it just cannot bare; but, we will not solve that on this Blog. Instead, I would prefer to address an underlying problem that, I believe, is even more critical and more important to finding a solution–at least, in the short-term

Historically, Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General when it started (as the US Post Office) in 1775, thus becoming one of our Government’s oldest offices. Over that 237 years, the USA has definitely changed, and the needs of its Citizens–just like those of the World around us.

But, lets focus on the last 60 years. In 1952, Television was relatively new: remember that it was still in Black and White, and most cities (that had it at all) just had the three local Network Stations. Most major cities still had, at least, two newspapers–a morning one and an afternoon one. No answering machines, cell phones, Email, 24 hour Cable News–or Satellite TV. So, in those days, we might have needed six daily mail deliveries for: communicating with friends and relatives; paying bills; receiving various account statements; Packages; etc. The Post Office/Service was the lifeblood for both people and business.

Nowadays, however, everybody seems to have: Cable or Satellite TV; Email; FAX; unlimited Nationwide phone service; access to numerous Social Media, etc. You can receive Bank and other Statements by Email, pay your bills through BillPay, read newspapers and magazine on-line, etc. Businesses also use many of these same devices. Also, important packages that absolutely, positively have to be there–can be delivered overnight by express mail.

Just take note of how much actual mail you receive–as compared to Junk Mail. We get quite a bit of mail at our house; however, most of it is just fodder for our trash can. Do you really mind if your Vanity Fair or GQ is delivered on Monday or Thursday? Sometimes, we thought that we were waiting for the Postal Worker to finish reading it first anyway. Even magazines like Time have seen their circulation drop, assumedly due to the multitude of other news sources that are now available.

I believe that we can enhance the position of the Postal Service by reducing the “Mail” Delivery to, perhaps, two or three times per week. Perhaps, the USPS might have to provide additional resources for some Rural Areas that do not have access to Broadband or cell phone service. Likewise for businesses. People would still have the additional option of receiving their mail in a Box at the local Post Office.

If you agree with this suggestion, let your Representatives, in Washington, know. LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WISH TO DISAGREE.


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