Stadiums and Arenas seem to be falling all over themselves looking to provide additional Animal Comforts for their customers.  And, hence, more revenue for the teams! You can watch girls in bikinis swimming in the pool, phantasize about the scantily-clad lady as she has her body painted (in Team Colors, of course), watch samba dancers around the Club and, of course, have food and drink delivered directly to your seat–or (yes) couches.

Such prestigious facilities enable fans to take advantage of such conveniences, without having to jockey with the crowds, refreshment lines and public rest rooms; but, AT A VERY STEEP PRICE.  Of course, the cost of admission to the special “Venue within a Venue” does not include Entry to the Sporting Event.  That would be extra, of course.

In the Hyde Lounge, in the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena, for instance, you can only watch the game on a screen within the “Super-Exclusive” Section. I guess you have to walk outside the exclusive section to watch the game LIVE–from within the Arena. But, a Sports Business Analyst and Consultant suggests that such Upscale Clubs are intended to make a franchise’s brand appealing to sophisticated fans. Wouldn’t you think that actually watching the game should be The Rason for the trip to the Stadium or Arena, especially for Sophisticated Fans?  (That should include Sports Fans…shouldn’t it?)

Lastly, what do these Clubs do for the local restaurants and bars that seem to pop-up around Sports Venues?  Since they generally open several hours before the Sporting Event, and close several hours after, the Upscale Clubs will definitely cut-into the outside establishments’ business.  Well, perhaps they will merely take the Cream off the Top of that Busines.

Just think, all the comforts of home–or your local Sports Bar–but AT WHAT A PRICE?



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