That’s Mitt Romney, caught between the proverbial Rock and the Hard Place!

He’s trying to appeal to the Fanatical Right-Wing “Tea Party” and, at the same time, maintain ties with the more moderate Corporate and Wealthy Interests that are financing his attack ads. (That’s to counter Democratic Ads.) Poor Mitt, what a quandary.

One of the key accomplishments of President Barack Obama’s First Term, which Congressional Republicans have been attacking, has been the Affordable (Health) Care Act (or ACA). At one time, it had been their idea; but, once Obama embraced the idea, they dropped it completely. And, of course, every one of the Republican Candidates for President–including Mr. Romney–also said they would repeal ”ObamaCare” on their first day in Office, if elected.

You might recall that (then) Governor Mitt Romney signed a Mandatory Health Care Act (sometimes referred to as RomneyCare)–with it’s own Mandate–when he was in Office. He even wrote an Op-Ed, in USA Today, several years ago, in which he recommended that President Obama enact a version of it Nationwide. The ACA did, in fact, use the Massachusetts Plan as a Template for the Nationwide Plan. Of course, that Op-Ed was recently deleted from the Internet. Hmmm…

Well, this is August, isn’t it. So, today, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul, broke new ground for the Campaign by praising Romney’s Health Insurance Mandate, in an interview on Fox “News” (of course). Also, in an appearance in Iowa today, Romney suggested that he has some experience and that he would “…know how to make a better setting than the one we have in health care.”  Mitt Romney has been Running for President for six years:  Shouldn’t he already have formulated his version of a National Health Care Plan?

You will find a bit more information in the linked article, by Aaron Blake, “Romney Moves to Embrace ‘Romneycare’”, in today’s The Washington Post,

Pundits and Bloggers on the “Right” have already suggested that today might be The Day in which Romney lost the Election. Obviously, the Obama Campaign appreciates the Latest Gaffe-of-the-Day.


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