Mitt Romney has done it again–projected the obvious! Ta! Ta! YES, the Sun will probably come up tomorrow–as it has, Mitten, perhaps a few million times before. In the Dry Season, we probably won’t get much rain; however, in the Rainy Season, we can expect to have more precipitation. Mitt certainly is so terribly perceptive!

Catherine Rampell, has an interesting discussion of this “momentous” event in her article, “Romney’s Job Growth Promises”,, in today’s NY Times.

At first, the projected 12 Million Job Growth during Mitt Romney’s First Term, if elected President, seems quite outstanding. But, if you look at the chart from the Macroeconomic Advisors, semi-annual long-term economic forecast projects that the Economy will add 11.8 Million jobs between 2012 and 2016. So, Mr. Romney’s policies would only add a mere 200,000 jobs over a four year period.



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