You might be aware that Mormons pray for the souls of Jews killed in the Holocaust …and BAPTIZE them. Now, who would Baptize someone–IN GOD’S NAME–who doesn’t want it? Young children are often subjected to such religious rituals; but, as part of a Family Tradition. And, even there, they still have the ability to change Religions–or renounce religion altogether–when they grow-up. Unfortunately, the Dead Souls do not have the ability to rebut this blasphemy.

That’s why I am linking an Op-Ed Column, by Rachel Patron, “Romney, let’s make a deal: Grandfather’s soul for a vote”, from today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel,,0,6332154,print.column.

I won’t try to paraphrase this column; because, I just could not add much to what Rachel has written. Reading this touching story just conveys how Family Members of the deceased Souls, subjugated to this un-called for event, can feel. It’s OK to pray for others; however, trying to Claim their Souls, to me, just seems very Un-Christian.


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