In 1972, I was glued to our TV all day, from the time the Palestinian Terrorists attacked the quarters of the Israeli Weightlifting Team during the Munich Olympics. I was in Business School, home working on a paper; so I spent from early morning until 11:00, or so, with Jim McKay, the Olympic Anchor. That’s when the Terrorists detonated several grenades on the helicopter, which they had requested to evacuate them and their Hostages. Perhaps the first suicide bombers.

The current 2012 London Olympics marks the 40th Anniversary of that Terrible Tragedy. Many people had written, Emailed, signed petitions and even telephoned the International Olympic Committee, or their own National Committees, asking for a mere Half Minute of Silence in memory of those Israelis–and the German Helicopter Pilots–who were killed. Unfortunately, the IOC decided not to honor those killed, lest they offend Arab Nations, some of whom still support terrorists.

Bob Costas, of NBC, recently held his own Moment of Silence to honor those who were killed. It’s too bad that something like the Olympics, which is supposed to promote World Peace, can become such a Political Football. Thank you, Mr. Costas, for DOING THE RIGHT THING.



  1. #1 by maxcat07 on August 2, 2012 - 4:28 AM

    You’re so right, and leave it to Bob Costas to do it. He’s a classy guy.

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