Given all the talk about Gun Safety Legislation and the Irrational Use of Assault Rifles and Shotguns–supposedly for Hunting and Target Practice–I believe that it is quite important to put this all in perspective. Now, first and foremost I direct your attention to my recent Post (yesterday), Where Else But In America?

The Aurora, Colorado Killings, as well as many other tragedies over the years, are certainly something to be remembered and, hopefully, learned from. Unfortunately, there are elements in our Society that wish to prove their own agendas, rather than to act with Common Sense.

In my earlier Post, I pointed out the fact that: the weapons that were used, in Aurora, are not intended for either Hunting or Target Shooting due to their inaccuracy in firing. Likewise, Safety Controls appear to be non-existent, for purchases at Gun Shows–if even executed Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh, could have been an occasional seller.

Accordingly, I would like to provide the linked Monty Python piece, in which that vigilant team hunts for Mosquitos, in Darkest Africa, with a Bazooka.



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