As the Country grieves for those killed and injured in Aurora, Colo., after going to something that should have been quite tame, like a Movie, the reality has not yet sunk in. But, let’s celebrate the Lives Lost, both for those Killed and Grievously Injured. Be sure to Celebrate the Victims; but, hey, let’s be sure not to give that Whacko, who allegedly did this, any more air time than he has already had.

Let’s also keep in mind the many, many other victims of similar atrocities–such as the Sniper shooting from the Tower at the University of Texas several decades ago, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma Bombing, the High School Killings in Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Tucson Killings, etc. When will this senselessness stop?

Whenever such atrocities come up, there are those who call for stricter Gun Safety Laws. Nothing is ever done because of the power of the Lobbying Efforts of the NRA–putting Contributions into Congressional Campaigns. The National Rifle Association always responds by stressing the Enforcement of Existing Laws. But, the NRA has always continued to lobby AGAINST any gun safety enforcement whatsoever.

For once, let me say that I agree with the NRA; but, only with their suggestion that existing gun safety laws be enforced; but, NOT their efforts to eliminate all Gun Safety Laws. Anyone who has ever fired an Assault Rifle knows that, due to the vibration, it would be a terrible weapon for Hunting or Target Shooting. Assault weapons make-up for their lack of accuracy by the fusillade of multiple rounds that can be fired in seconds. Hey, Gun Owners, why not give that Deer or Duck a Fair Chance–with only ONE SHOT? And, be honest, that fixed target cannot even move to evade your shot!

Also, the idea of the alleged perpetrator having 6,000 rounds (that’s bullets) at one time is mind-boggling. The TV quoted a Gun Supporter as suggesting that 6,000 rounds is not really much for a target shooter. Now, I believe that Common Sense, as noted above, would prove that an Assault Weapon and a Shotgun are not weapons designed for Target Shooting. (Well, that is unless you are in an enclosed room trying to shoot the four walls!) Just do the Math, you could fire 60 rounds per day and not need to replenish your stash until two months later. Is that supply sheer nonsense?

Also, in the Slow Economic Recovery, caused by the Financial Melt-Down, that started in 2007, why do reputable Gun Stores have to do Background Checks, wait 72 hours to complete the sale and Pay Taxes; BUT, Dealers at Gun Shows do not have to abide by the Laws? By the way, the executed killer of 168 people (many of them small children) in the Oklahoma City Bombing, in 1995, Timothy McVeigh, was an occasional dealer at Gun Shows. How about Background Checks on Dealers at Gun Shows, as well?

Time and again, after such senseless killings, there are people who suggest that the best defense is to arm everyone. Think about it: two crazies having a shootout with assault rifles in a crowd. In fact, one of the people at the Safeway storefront shooting, which seriously wounded (then) Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords, a veteran of the Middle East who had a pistol and a license to carry it, stated that he couldn’t figure out who the perpetrator was. In fact, the first person who he thought was the killer, turned-out to be one of the people trying to subdue him. So, if someone trained in the use of weapons couldn’t react with any certainty, why would just anyone be able to do safely?

As we honor those killed and gravely wounded, of this and other tragedies, and their families, let’s not forget the Aurora Police, Fire and Emergency Rescue workers, many of whom responded within seconds. And, let’s respect the First Responders in our own Communities, as well!



  1. #1 by maxcat07 on July 26, 2012 - 4:04 PM

    I don’t own a gun and personally don’t like them. BUT I believe that anyone has the constitutional right to have a gun for protection and a rifle for hunting. What ever happened, though, to the “well regulated militia” part of the Second Amendment? The nuts now who say they’re afraid of the government, and are arming against it would need rocket launchers and nuclear weapons to go against the pentagon. Is that what they’re aiming for next? The idea that a semi-automatic is going to protect you from the state is ludicrous.
    I just read that the sales of guns in Colorado have skyrocketed since the theater shooting. I expect that there’ll be a rise of senseless shootings there, even if it’s only suicides.≥

  2. #2 by maxcat07 on July 26, 2012 - 4:13 PM

    I wanted to separate my comment about the First Responders. In many communities around the country, they are being laid off or having their benefits cut due to budget restraints, while some states are refusing federal funding out of some twisted pride. It takes a special sort of person to run IN to a shooting situation or a burning building while others are fleeing. I remember taking a course called Citizens Police Academy, taught by policemen, that was one evening a week for 10 weeks that covered everything that the police did, and even included a ride along with a policeman one night. No shootings or murders occurred, but we did go on one high speed ride to meet up with another police car. It was thrilling (I tend to be a bit of a speed junkie) but some of the stories I heard that night and throughout the course put me in awe of those men and women.
    I’ve always been in awe of firefighters, as I’m deathly afraid of fire. I’ll just stick with my first responder training.

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