From when President Barack Obama entered office, in January of 2009, the “Right” has been relentless in pestering him about being a Moslem and Born in Kenya (which would disqualify him). They have been consistently ridiculous in their demands for Birth Certificates and Other Documentation. AND CONSISTENTLY WRONG! This was happening all the while the President was trying to Overcome the Financial Melt-Down that had started in 2007, under the Prior Administration.

In the past, both Political Parties have come together in times of War to show solidarity, at least, for the Country, if not for the President. Well, how different was that situation, in 2007 through early 2009, to a full-scale Financial War? Candidate Romney also questioned the Administration’s Strategy in Libya and Syria, as well. Now, what were Mitt Romney’s Foreign Affairs Credentials again?

Perhaps now, Mr. Romney is having HIS “Birther Moment”–maybe FOUR of them! Just recently, the President’s Campaign, Media and others–even Conservative Sources– have begun to pester HIM on four questions that have gone largely unanswered:

1.  Why doesn’t Mr. Romney want to really discuss His Record and activities at Bain Capital, which he supposedly left in early 1999? For the next three years, however, documents submitted to the SEC, and signed by Mr. Romney, listed him as the President, Chairman, CEO and Sole Shareholder–a period during which he supposedly received $100,000 per year in Salary. But, he says that he no longer had any management duties there. WHERE DO YOU GET ONE OF THOSE JOBS?
2.  Why doesn’t Mr. Romney wish to discuss his term as Governor of Massachusetts? Wouldn’t that be a better indicator of the potential role he might play as President–as compared to CEO of Bain Capital, a small Private Equity Firm? Remember that Corporations have Profitability as their key goal–not Job Creation. During his Tenure in Massachusetts, his State was Number 48 (among the 50 States) in Job Creation and, by the way, he signed RomneyCare–the Template for the Affordable (Health) Care Act (ACA)–into Law. He touted his Health Care Plan as a Candidate in 2008.
3.  Why won’t Mr. Romney release more than one year of his Tax Returns? Every President, since George Romney (Mitt’s Father) set the precedent, when he ran for President in 1968, has done so.  The Senior Mr. Romney released twelve years of Tax Returns, stating that any one year could be a fluke.  Isn’t it better to release them, Mitt, rather than promote the question of Why Not?  Even Conservative Journalists, George Will and William Kristol, have called for him to release the preceding 12 years of Tax Returns.
4.  Mr. Romney, why do you have so much of your Considerable Wealth (rumored to be approximately 40% of it) invested in offshore “Tax Havens”, said to be in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Switzerland and…?  If America is the Exceptional Country that you proclaim, shouldn’t that large portion of your Wealth (said to total approximately $250 Million) be invested in This Country? You claim that you pay taxes on it; however, shouldn’t you be willing to prove that–if you wish to be Presideint?

By hiding behind wanting to discuss the issues, Mitt Romney is just prolonging the Questions as to Who or What he is. Oh, by the way, Mitt, you constantly point-out that President Obama is doing things wrong. But, that’s certainly not discussing the issues. MITT, WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS FOR DOING THINGS MORE SUCCESSFULLY?

I believe that Americans would like to hear: How you would Re-Structure the Federal Government Bureaucracy; Your Recommended Budget Changes (especially to Education, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Defense, among others); the Impact of Taxes and Tax Rates, etc. Also, what Government Services will be Outsourced to Private Companies–and what sort of Controls would the Government maintain?  Additionally, many would like to hear, once again, how you might replace or modify so-called ObamaCare.  Would that be with the Paul Ryan Plan?



  1. #1 by maxcat07 on July 16, 2012 - 8:33 PM

    Remember, this was the BEST the Republicans had to order!!

  2. #2 by cheekos on July 17, 2012 - 12:26 AM

    Remember, however, the Tide commercials. Soon after, they come up with the “New and Improved”. The next year, “Look at the New Technology”. Remember that we are only talking about Laundry Detergeant. As Ms. Emily Lutilla (A/K/A Gilda Radnere) used to say on SNL, “…Never mind”.

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