Lucy is the character from Charles Shultz’ Peanuts comic strip who, each year, promises Charlie Brown that she will not pull the football away just as he is going to kick it. This same interplay has been going on for decades–unsuccessfully for Charlie Brown. Lucy ALWAYS DOES pull it away!

Basher Assad, the President of Syria seems to be doing the same thing. In the past sixteen months, or so, he has allegedly authorized the murder of some 16,000 of his Citizens. As we have seen with many Dictators, he blames the West and other Outside Influences. But, is anyone listening?

The US, Nato Allies, the Arab League and the UN have been in off-and-on discussions with Syria to smooth a transition to another government. But, each time, he tends to pull the ball away–by suggesting that His People want him. Also, he suggests waiting for another National Election–probably rigged.



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