“Love With the Proper Stranger”

Now, before you think that I have become a Harlequin Novelist, hear me out. There are currently five states that have only one Medical Clinic to provide Abortions. And, they are using legal loopholes to try to shut them down. Whatever side of this issue you are on, I would recommend watching the 1963 move, title as above, starring Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. It can bring back memories.

Do we really want to go back to the Dark Ages of Back Alley Abortions and Coathangers? Yes, that was what was going on before Roe v. Wade. There has to be a better way. Let’s hope so.

Whatever my personal beliefs are, I cannot try to direct a young woman as to whether to have or abort a baby. What do I know about her personal situation? Unfortunately, we have other Old Men in Washington, Statehouses and Rectories who are doing just that.

The movie is available on the Internet and on DVD. I believe that it would be worthwhile viewing.


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  1. #1 by maxcat07 on July 11, 2012 - 3:27 PM

    Isn’t that the problem? It’s always decided by a group of old men who have no concept of what a woman may be going through. I have no answer except to elect a lot more women legislators!

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