In a recent Post, I questioned Mitt Romney’s Decisiveness. His Campaign had declared, on Tuesday, that Mr. Romney agreed with President Barack Obama’s Affordable (Health) Care Act (ACA), that the price for someone who fails to purchase the Mandated Health Care Insurance is a Fee—and not a Tax. That placed him at odds with the Republican Party that is playing The “Semantics Card”–calling it a Tax.

As I parse the wording of his statement from yesterday, Mr. Romney noted that he was “correcting” Senior Staffer, Eric Fehrnstrom’s, comment. Mitt, don’t you read newspapers or follow the Media on an on-going basis? It was On-Line immediately.  You DO have Media Advisors, don’t you? Did Eric make that comment up by himself? How did it take you two days to notice and either correct the Statement–or decide how to change your mind?

Mr. Romney, this Indecisiveness seems to match-up with your appearance on Face the Nation, more than two weeks ago. At the time, you repeatedly refused to answer Bob Schieffer’s question, as to whether you would Repeal the Executive Order regarding The Dream Act, if you were President.  Do you have an answer to that question YET?

I am truly anxious over Presumed Republican Presidential Nominee, Willard “Mitt” Romney’s Lack of Decisiveness. The Person “working” with Congress, seeking advice from Business, negotiating with the Chinese and calling the shots on whether and how to take-out a Terrorist, must be Decisive. Remember that the person who has his “finger” on The Nuclear Button can’t change their mind afterward!


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  1. #1 by maxcat07 on July 5, 2012 - 5:49 PM

    He may also have at least two Supreme Court picks if he gets (I shudder to think) two terms.

  2. #2 by cheekos on July 5, 2012 - 7:23 PM

    At least we won’t have to worry about Global Warming any longrer.

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