Grab those Etch-A-Sketches before the Holidays. I believe that, with Mitt Romney’s endorsement this afternoon, they might out-sell Apple’s iPads for the second half of the year. You might recall that Presumed Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, agreed with President Barack Obama that the cost for failing to sign-up for the Mandated Health Care Insurance was a Fee–and not a Tax. Mitt certainly ought to know: he signed the prototype into law when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Mr. Romney has been at odds with the Republican Party since last Thursday; because, they are making the political point that it is a Tax. Somewhat like “Tom-ate-o” versus “Tom-ah-to”, don’t you think.? If you have to pay–a tax, fee or whatever–it comes out of your pocket. Right? What’s the difference?

Later on today, however, Mr. Romney used semantics to suggest that it WAS, in fact, a Tax. But this “decisiveness” doesn’t show me the management skills of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), the role that he supposedly played at Bain Capital, a Private Equity Firm, in Boston, some years back. But, what about his role as Governor of Massachusetts, which he prefers to avoid discussing? Perhaps that’s because Massachusetts was 48th, out of 50 states, in Job Creation, during his tenure.

Now, consider Mitt in a Diplomatic Role, IF he were President. I can only think of Peter Sellers’ character, In Doctor Strangelove, where he was the guy in a wheelchair and one hand was fighting the other. If he orders that the Nuclear Red Button be pressed, he can’t take it back. Now, think about that!

In a prior Post, I suggested that the role of a CEO of a business and a President are quite different. A CEO makes and enforces the rules. Job Creation, or the Common Good of the Country, are NOT in the Business Plan: Making money for the Partners/Shareholders is The Agenda. Meanwhile, a President has to be a Manager, coordinate with Congress and the States and Promote the Common Good of the Country.


  1. #1 by maxcat07 on July 5, 2012 - 4:26 PM

    Mr. Etch-a-Sketch is now saying that the Affordable Care Act’s mandate IS a tax, but the one in Massachusetts wasn’t. Talk about threading a needle!!

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