As many of us celebrate this Independence Day Holiday–one of the major ones in the US Calendar–there are some who will not be relaxing at home, going to beaches or parks, with their families. They are answering a Call to Duty. Let’s hope for their safe return.

By now, you have undoubtedly seen the clips of the unbelievable fires in Colorado or the “Tropical Storm” that caused so much havoc along the East Coast. Firefighters from around the Western US are “relaxing” (HA!) in Colorado. Utility company workers from along the Eastern US are “vacationing”, along with their trucks and equipment, in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern States.

In the past, we have seen such “Camaraderie in Disasters” before. Forest fires and Earthquakes in California, 9/11 in New York City, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Tornados in the Mid-West and Southwest.  Firefighters, Utility Workers, First Responders, National Guard, etc. go where they are Called to Action.  I can recall driving home, from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale, after Hurricane Andrew, and seeing a convoy of some 20-25 Georgia Power Trucks having a police escort into town. It was truly like the Cavalry had arrived.

As you sit-down for your Holiday Feast, give some thought to those who have “better (MORE IMPORTANT) things to do”. And, with much of the Country facing temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, the work of these men and women should truly be appreciated. Next time, it might be in your Home Town!


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