President Barack Obama seems to have thrown a monkey wrench into Mitt Romney’s Election Game Plan. It has been more than a week since President Obama announced his Executive Order to provide a renewable interim solution for providing work permits for Illegal Immigrants brought to this Country as children, who are under Age 30, undergoing Education or Serving in the Military–as long as they have clean Police Records.

Last Sunday, three days after Obama’s announcement, Bob Schieffer asked Romney, on Face the Nation, about how he, if he was President, would respond to President Obama’s Executive Order. Romney avoided the question saying that it would be solved in the “Long-Term Scheme of Things”. So, on Schieffer’s last two tries, out of five, he asked if Romney would repeal the Executive Order while he sought a longer-term solution. Again and again–three days after the Order was announced–Mitt still did not have an answer. Kind of like Richard Nixon’s “Secret Plan” to End the War in Vietnam.

So, yesterday, Mitt Romney held a conference call to address the Economy–his key tool for attacking President Obama. Well, the first three questions were about Obama’s Executive Order regarding Immigration. At that time–six days after the Executive Order was announced–Romney’s aides decided to end the call. So, still no answer.

The so-called Dream Act, which has been kicking around Congress for three years; bur has been filibustered by the Senate Republicans, would provide more long-term legitimacy to the provisions of President Obama’s Executive Order. More and more, Romney seems to be pointing to WRWD (Whatever Rubio Would Do). Remember that Rubio was rumored to be on the Short-List for Vice President, until it was rumored that he was off it, and then on on again. Is indecisiveness Presidential? I don’t think so.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) had been working on a Republican version of the Dream Act for three months; however, he has not, as yet, put anything on paper. Now, Rubio stopped working on his legislative proposal and is claiming that Obama’s Executive Order just makes a long-term solution more difficult. Of course, he didn’t try to explain why that would be. Does that “explanation” make sense.

Now, many high-level Republicans have claimed that President Obama was shoving the Executive order down their throats and that he should have worked with Congress. Well, after more than three years, wasn’t it right for him to act? Also, why didn’t they ever have problems with George W. Bush’s Executive orders.

I’m surprised that Mitt and Ann made it back from his recent Bus Tour. At every fork in the road, they took it. Apparently Mitt couldn’t decide which direction to go. Lucky thing that he wasn’t driving.


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