I have read a lot about what what Wall Street is doing to get veterans into the work force; however, I haven’t seen much action. If you are expecting someone with an MBA or Ph.D. in Economics to walk in the door, you’re not going to see much of it from returning veterans. Many are in the service from necessity or, perhaps, patriotism. Few have the necessary degrees for “Wall Street”.

But, there is a great feel good story, about Drexel Hamilton, a tiny investment firm, with offices in New York City and Philadelphia. The story is in today’s NY Times, by Gretchen Morgenson, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/17/business/drexel-hamilton-a-wall-st-firm-hiring-disabled-veterans.html?ref=busines.

The firm focuses on interviewing disabled vets, often when they are still in the VA hospital, providing them with internships while teamed up with investment professionals who are also vets, directing a fair amount of their profits to this project and, if it looks like the disabled vet won’t make it in the financial arena, they help them find jobs elsewhere. This is truly a situation of investment professionals giving back to their GI successors.

I know nobody at Drexel Hamilton; however, if you wish to do investment business in NYC or Philly, give them a call. Also, consult a previous Post about choosing a Financial Advisor. Make sure there is a good fit before signing-on with this firm–or any other.


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