Mitt Romney seems to have been overstepping his role, as a Presidential Candidate, by commenting on International Affairs, as well as doing a good bit of Saber-Rattling. Does he have any bona fides on the subject? He is saying that President Obama should have taken-on a “Leadership Role” in Libya and should be gearing-up on Syria.

We were in Vietnam (which Mitt missed) for almost ten years, and have been in both Iraq and Afghanistan for more than ten years. Who is the US to believe that we can occupy other countries? When have we actually accomplished anything by doing so. Also, Americans want to get us out of unnecessary wars.

Approximately one year ago, (then) Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, lectured the NATO countries about being prepared to do their job–and have a sufficient defense budget to do so.

Going back to Mitt Romney’s comments on International Affairs and Saber-Rattling, there was a recent article in Military.Com, http://www.military.com/daily-news/2012/06/05/romneys-lack-of-military-service-faces-scrutiny.html?comp=7000023317843&rank=6, pointed out that Mitt, his Father, George and Mitt’s five sons have not served in the Military.

This is a good reason to Re-Instate the Military Draft. Now, I’m not suggesting that we need more wars. Rather, we need to avoid wars–especially unnecessary ones. But, as you can see from Romney–who had four draft deferments during the Vietnam War–people who had not served seem to have no problem with putting other people’s kids and grandkids into Harm’s Way–just as long as theirs don’t have to go.


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