No doubt that you have heard about the scam whereby taxpayers who file their returns are finding-out that someone else has filed for “them” and, perhaps, has alrerady received their refund.  I would like to find-out if their is someone who files when you OWE money, and pays it for you.  Obviously, I do not wish to make light of this situation.   If you encounter this–or any problem–with the internal Revenue Service, consider contacting the:  Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Generally, I would suggest that the first place that you should  contact is your CPA–or other Tax Preparer.  Hopefully, the accounting industry has been monitoring this situation and would be able to provide some advice and assistance.

But, for those situations where you are not making any headway, it might be worth contacting:  The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Group, at:

Telephone: 877-777-4778, or

Web Site:

Try to get your CPA involved as he or she would probably better understand the situation and be able to coordinate the technical accounting matters with the IRS.  Also, your CPA would be a good resource to have with any trips or correspondence with the IRS.  It would also encourage the IRS to make clear explanations of your rights and responsibilities.


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